Greetings everyone …Well here we are… Grading/ Fight week…I would like to share with you my typical taper for fight week and recommend you do the same …No weight training after today…ligaments and tendons and minor injuries need to rest and recouperate…No road work from tomorrow …Ankles knees hips same thing …You can skip up until Wednesday to keep your lungs open but on a soft surface…Your last sparring session is Wednesday(light touch contact) your last Dynamic workout Wednesday..medicine ball only …Im showing the entire workout tomorrow night …Thursday Friday keep your hands ball drills ..Again full workout tomorrow night …Hydrate at all times …Carb load from thursday night till Saturday (12th Dec)…If you bring fluids.. room temperature…get in early stretch lightly ..partner up for run thrus and light pad work ..Do not hit the heavy bag!! …I wont say good luck because your ready you dont need luck …Sifu

Tomorrow night im laying down 4 classes in 1 so you can drill this material over the next few weeks …dont miss it !

We are also two weeks away from our end of year party (19th December)! PLEASE advise us ASAP if you are coming! It’s $55 per person, this covers a 3 course lunch. If you are not eating it is still $55 per person. Order of the day is as follows: 10am Gold Belt Grading, 11:15/11:30 Sifu’s wrap up of the year and plans for next, Student of the Year Awards and special mentions, 12:00 lunch at the Atomic Beer Project 158 Regent Street Botany Road – literally one block away.

Again, please advise asap if you are attending the lunch as we will need to provide them with final numbers this week.

See you on the mat!

Sifu and Amy

Hi guys,

It became quite apparent last night that all of the traditional Wing Chun aspects of the coming grading assessments need some work. We have only 3 weeks until the end of year school grading (12th December), that’s a lot of ground to cover in a short period of time.

So tonight’s boxing class will be 50/50, boxing/wing chun.

With the boxing we’ll keep it dirty adding some new tricks to our game that can not just lead into close striking opportunities but the potential for takedowns as well.

With the Wing Chun we’ll keep it strictly Traditional. Chi Sau (or for white belts Trapping Hands), Forms and Wooden Dummy. Boxing purists who are not grading feel free to work on your light/technical sparring skills.

I plan to stick around until late, so if class runs over and you can stay to keep drilling your material, I’ll be here.

Same goes for Thursday after BJJ. Let me know if you would like to come in from 7pm to work on grading material until 8/8:30.

In addition! Peak Performance starts this Sunday! It’s been condensed to 4 weeks so we’re done before the year (and Summer) is out. Get your name down. It’s a fitness and nutrition course that will give you the tools for the duration of your lifetime.

See you then,



Hi guys very excited about coming in tonight …I’ll be conducting a detailed striking class and going thru some of the combos in the revised grading structure which will be completed this week…Also the date for the Dragon Staff  is december 6th I rarely teach this weapon so jump on board ..Start time 11am  cost 149 …No weapons needed the school will provide…unless you want your own (add $50) Also the last peak performance course for the year starts on the 29th of this month… We had fantastic results with the last one, eveyone stripped fat and put on muscle and now have the Blue Print for life …This course  will differ as we’ll be condensing more information into a shorter  course from now on…Plus the new Peak Performance support App we trialled was a great success and is now a staple inclusion of the course…So ill see you guys Tonight !!

Ps Dummy should arrive any day! And school grading 12th December!

Don’t miss tonight’s boxing class at 6pm. We’re revising last week’s angled defensive and offensive footwork and combos, with some additional combinations and setups added to the mix. Repetition is absolute key to pulling any of this off in real time so don’t miss it and stick around for sparring after class.

Next Wednesday is the first class of the latest Beginner’s Course. This month’s one has been a load of fun and finishing up tomorrow. So if you know anyone who is keen to give martial arts a go but sitting on the sidelines get them to contact us and we’ll get them started.

See you on the mat.

Hi guys,

Tonight’s 6pm class is all about striking, focusing on our kicking game! Remeber to stick around for sparring afterward!

Tonight with Mayur at 7:15pm is hand fighting with Chi Sau drills followed by sparring.

See you on the mat.

Morning everyone!

Sifu will be streaming a Mat Chat in our RBKF Live Stream Facebook Group at approx 8am, including a brief technique review of this week’s theme.

Frances no doubt has some torturous session planned at 9am on Saturday.

Sifu will be recapping the weeks training at 10am, and

Damien has the Kids at 11am with fakes and side kicks!

Hi guys!

Tonight’s BJJ at 6pm is all about side control and the review of all attacks in the syllabus.

Tomorrow night’s Wing Chun will mix it up with all weapons on deck. Striking combining hands, feet, elbows and knees.

Tomorrow’s lunch class will be an amalgamation of this week’s training.

See you on the mat!

Hi guys,

Having a very creative week with hammer fists, got some interesting level change strikes tonight and also from double arm chi sau we have a super cool double bracial stun combined with some figure 4 locks and shoulder controls. David Hilston Esquire will be conducting the class and I’ll be watching to make sure no-one goofs off! So train hard, see you on Saturday for a super revision.

Big thank you to the weapons lunatics! We raised the funds for the new dummy and it was ordered yesterday along with what’s needed to convert the current one to wall mount also. Well done guys.

See you on the mat,


Morgan Sports hand weights are back in stock, we’ve ordered 10 of the 2kg sets (1kg each – definitely enough for a full shadow boxing workout), they haven’t even arrived to us yet but we only have 4 left. So please get in quick, they are $40 for the pair. The 5kg (2.5kg each) hand weights sold out from Morgan in only 1 day.

We have gone live with Clubworx – the new member management software. I’ve started contacting members on direct debit/ongoing memberships, but I’ll eventually be in touch with everyone to update your member profile. If I call you at a bad time just let me know. It should only be a 5 minute call.

The check-in screen also looks different. Please make sure you are registering for the correct class when you check in. Member portal details will be sent to you soon so you can also book and keep track of you attendance making checking in much quicker. Booking into classes is important as it counts toward your grading readiness criteria.

There’s quite a bit of background work to do for a full rollout of the new support/inclusions we will be offering with your memberships, but follow this link for description of what we will be doing in the near future.

Thank you everyone for your support!


Today, we’ll look at changing attacks from side control.

Friday 6:30pm class: following on with theme of the week: utilising larp sao in trapping hands and chi sao. Cross arm sparring drills after that.

Saturday kids are back on at 11am: working on Side kicks and trapping hands.

See you on the mat.

Hi all …what a hoot to be back on the mat last night …Not easy material to master but so so worthwhile…there is a very simple but effective drill for perfecting the angle change ill show you on Saturday…Tonight we take the larp sau theme and flow it into Chi Sau and Trapping Hands with a cool transition to inside reaping sweep …plus my favourite standing half nelson lapel choke ..You will be in March’s  capable hands…much fun …The book is coming along and taking a bit more rest time has had a big impact on my hip …5 months to go!!…FYI kids classes start today at 4.15 and saturday at  11am..Good luck with that Amy and Damien !…Ok signing off for now see you on the mat…Sifu