Friends and family welcome.

A detailed study on the processes of elite performance athletes and how you can tap into your most valuable asset: your mind.

We have all witnessed when an athlete seems to punch above their weight, or out strip their apparent physical abilities. Invariably it’s the mindset that makes the difference.

This seminar will explore what makes them different and how to apply these unique skill sets to your own game/life.

At the end of the day you will have the unbreakable confidence that no one can negatively affect -not even you!! The motivation to push toward your destination regardless of any hurdle or obstacle you may face. The concentration to block anything that is not enhancing your purpose. The ability to achieve “flow state” at will, in essence, controlling time and space so as to experience perfect technique. And the organisational skills to keep powering forward – to set goals and create plans to achieve them and to understand the value of the feedback loop.

Please allow a half day for this seminar. We will also be getting advice from our own NLP Master Amy on how to fast track flow state, motivation – why it doesn’t always last and what you can do about it, moving beyond your limitations.

$80 per person, general public welcome.

Baton, sticks and nunchaku. The ultimate seminar on blunt force trauma. 10:30 start, $60 for the workshop, if you would like a practise set of nunchaku add $55.

John Will is back for his second seminar with us this year! If you are a beginner in BJJ you are still encouraged to attend, John’s a fantastic coach and breaks everything down step by step and walks you through the techniques as we practise them.

Seminar’s theme is 1/2 Guard:
-Core 1/2 Guard Game
–How it all began
–The “Seed” Concept
–Plan A, B & C

So totally approprate for beginners!!

Get your names down asap! Cost is $80 and well worth the time and effort!!!


Dragon Staff Workshop!
Hi everyone!

On Sunday the 10th September from 10am Sifu will be conducting a workshop on the Dragon Staff.

“An incredibly versatile pole weapon, introduced into Wing Chun within the last 40 years. The course will cover all blocks, strikes, footwork, techniques and the second form in Dragon Staff. If you are new to this weapon you can still start at this level.” – Sifu

Duration 3-4 hrs



See you there!!!

It is a six week course, We will meet every Saturday at 12:15pm, the first being a fitness, body composition and body type assessment. We will discuss general training on the first day, but will primarily focus on correct eating for your body type.

The next five weeks cover flexibility, agility, strength, endurance, training to gain and loose weight – all the while your nutrition and goals are monitored.

Course cost is still $199 for members and $299 for non-members.

This course is the most traditional and comprehensive study on Iron Palm, Iron Shirt and Iron Shin

Before pressure point training can commence you must turn your hands into weapons and it all starts with iron palm training.

On the day you will be shown how to prepare your herbs, the complete striking system and correct cycling of your workouts.

Course duration: 3 – 4 hours
Cost Members: $199
Cost Non-members: $299

This course is the minimum effective dose of martial arts. How to avoid, prevent and escape, what could be, the worst situation imaginable. Open to the public and your friends and family.
A WORKSHOP ON SELF DEFENCE AND AWARENESS ON THE STREET.A day full of essential information and strategies to help you become aware of your surroundings and action to take if ever in a compromising position.

3 hrs of training and discussion.

$60 per person – Red Boat & non-Red Boat members.

Knife attacks are second only to blunt force trauma attacks on our streets and domestically. It is simply imperative that we know how to handle this weapon.

We will be covering the 8 angles of attack/defence, sabre grip and reverse grip, the 12 angles of attack in sabre and reverse, defanging the snake, flow drills, disarms plus primary target areas, bleed out times and more…be there or die!!

3 hrs $60 members and members friends/family.

Having two herniated disks in my lumbar from a car accident I personally know how debilitating spinal injury can be and how it can negatively impact everything you do.

If training is important to you, injury reduction and management is always a valuable factor to take into account.

This workshop is designed to give you methods of training to help improve the strength and flexiblity of your spine for injury prevention and help you self-manage if inujury should occur.

Cost is $60 for the day.

All welcome!


A 4 hour detailed study on the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy. Time includes a lunch break. Sifu does all of the sets with you. It’s a great seminar. Just get a good sleep the night before!!