Boxing Class in Redfern Tonight

Hi guys..Thanks for a great class last night smashed it!…but lets cut to the chase ..as you know my injuries have deteriorated quite dramatically..ive done as much as i can for as long as i can but its time for a change …i have to reasses a number of things …personally if i keep going the way im going my hip wont hold up so ive got to make some changes to my training routine and delete a bunch of excersises …ill replace them with things that challenge me but wont make matters  worse ..my field of choice is narrowing in one sense but its forcing me to get creative ..but that is my lot at at the moment …for the time being i wont be streaming in the morning but will be streaming more often in the evening …this means i can tap into the talent we have on our mat and simply do a better job of coaching …for the morning crew  if your unable to watch in the evening ..just catch up next morning ..keep shouting out so i know your there as that has meant a tremendous amount to me ..seeing as my time on the mat is limited ive come with a new format monday nights will be foundation skills and drills  plus wooden dummy there pretty much always be striking and conditioning aspects to classes but that is the main theme that is the class you come to or view for those skills…tuesday night is true boxing  as usual …tonights theme …kill the body…Wed night forms.. forms.. forms plus trapping hands chi sau and clinch work ..as i said there will be striking and conditioning in most if not all classes but now you can rotate your training nights to suit your needs ….Saturday is super revision ..so if you missed out thats the one to get to …lunch time crew your on the same format ..you wont miss a thing …thats it for now thanks for your patience and see you on the Mat…regards Sifu