Wing Chun and Sparring Timetable Change on Wednesday Nights

Hi guys!

Great news about mask exemption for indoor exercise! If you’re in the gym or on the mat there is now no legal requirement for you to wear a mask.

Please keep pre-booking for classes – even after the 20 max cap is abolished – it really helps us manage classes and service to you.

Wednesday Night Classes – Time Change

Bottom line is we just don’t have enough time between classes to spar. When we moved to Redfern – so that people could still make the early classes – we changed class start times from 5.30pm to 6pm for the first evening class, and 7pm to 7.15pm for the second evening class, but this sacrificed precious sparring time.

So on Wednesday nights we are opening up the mat from 7pm – 7.30pm for dedicated sparring time.

The late Wednesday class will start at 7.30pm and run for 45mins. Finishing at 8.15pm.

The Wednesday 7.30pm class, while still suitable for beginners, will not run in a 4 week course structure, but will be a dedicated Wing Chun Foundations class:

“Wednesday night Wing Chun Foundations focuses on Chi Sau, Forms and Techniques related to your grading material. Balanced with a strong fitness and conditioning element to ensure you are fighting fit for your Gradings! This is a 45 minute class suitable for both beginners and advanced students.”

So you can expect drilling technique and combos, chi sau, forms, fitness and conditioning (including stretching and strengthening).

Another way to maximise sparring class time is, if you intend to spar after the 6pm class get your sparring kits out at the beginning of the 6pm, not at the end. If your gear is out and ready to go – so are you. This means more time, more rounds, more reps.

Let’s get into it!

See you on the mat.

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