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Greetings  and salutations,

Well were at the pointy bit at last, on our way to a big finish. These are the events for the rest of the year:

Sunday 12th: Weapons Day – baton, sticks and nunchaku. The ultimate seminar on blunt force trauma. 10:30 start $60

Sunday the 26th: last seminar of the year. Ultimate kicks. From the humble front kick to the jumping spinning side kick, were going to do it all. 10:30 start $60

Saturday 2nd of December: Kids Grading from 11am.

Sunday 3rd of December:  Grading prep. From 10.30 till 12.30. It’s free its for you so don’t miss it.

End of year Grading on Sat 9th. Let’s finish big on new belts! We have Frances, Karen and Dave grading Red stripes on Friday the 15th and Damien going for gold on Saturday 16th. That’s huge. End of year gathering and finally …party !

As you know I’m spreading  the  love in QLD then NZ soon. Stay focused. Keep your eye on the prize. Listen to your seniors – they know what they’re doing.

Peace love and choke holds,