Jonny’s Day Weekend – Kids and Adults Classes Affected

Dear Members, Mums and Dads,

Saturday 12th June marks the 25th year since Australia’s worst peacetime military aviation disasters and the loss of our Kung Fu son and brother Jonathan Church member #06.

As part of our traditions, on this day we lay a wreath at the Shrine in the Kwoon, then make our way to Martin Place to do the same at the Cenotaph. Afterwards we locate to The Orient Hotel for a light lunch. While it’s a sombre topic it is a lovely day of reminiscing and reflection and everyone is invited to share in this tradition.

To accommodate the day we are cancelling the Conditioning class and bringing the adults Kung Fu class forward to 9am, and the Kids Kung Fu Class forward to 10am. Both classes on this day will run to 50 minutes instead of the full hour.

Thank you all for your understanding and we hope to see you on the day!

Kuen Yao Sum Faat