Class Themes, ***Reminder Class Time Changes Tomorrow***, Jonny’s Day and Catch-up Sessions

Tonight’s 6:30 class with Vadim main focus will be on using range to deliver close weapon strikes, uppercuts and hooks with sparring at the end.

***No Conditioning tomorrow, but there will be a 9am Wing Chun class followed by 10am Kids Kung Fu – Kids Kung Fu class will build on grappling, arm drag and spin takedown.***

Jonny’s Day starts with laying flowers at the shrine at 11am in the Kwoon, 11:30 at Martin Place Cenotaph for laying the wreath, then we move on to the Orient Hotel for lunch. Sifu has selected a $60 set menu package for food. You only pay if you plan to eat, it includes 3 courses and some yummy selections for all tastes. You can come to the venue whether you are eating or not.

FYI: Catch-up sessions are 30 minute one-on-one sessions available to all active members for FREE every 30 to 60 days depending on your membership level and typically run by me (Amy). It can be a mini training session, nutting out grading material or it can even be for problem solving fears, anxieties and other mental obstacles. I had a great session with a student today problem solving such things. Contact us to book in!