Kicking and Stretching Workshop Sunday

So, for the first time in over 2 years the Kicking and Stretching workshop is back!!

I know it’s short notice but here we go… in 2 hours I’m going to condense every training and stretching trick in the book. How to maximise stretching performance, speed development, timing, accuracy, power and more! It’s $60 for the day, starting at 11am this Sunday 6th June.

The money raised will go to the wreaths we get for Jonny’s Day. 

I spoke to the President of the Commando  Association yesterday who will be holding a memorial as well. They weren’t going to until they found out that we were. They want to do it at a specific Commando site in Martin Place. I politely declined. We are not doing this because Jonny was a Commando or Special Ar Services, but because he was one of us – a Martial Arts brother and friend.

See you on the mat.