Tonight will be 6:30pm Wing Chun with Mayur and cover uppercuts and hooks, focusing on proper delivery of punches and utilising modified bon sau.

Tomorrow starts with a 9am Conditioning class with Frances…be prepared…!

10am is Wing Chun with Sifu and will recap this week’s training and intro next week’s.

11am is Kid’s Kung Fu with Damien and is all about footwork and front kicks, then more grappling and what happens when you get the back!


This Sunday (8th March) free workshop for our Wing Chun white belts covering the material required for your first grading. Come in and find out where you’re at in the scheme of things!

Saturday 21st March is our first grading for the year!

Sunday 29th March 11am – 3pm Alexandria Sunday Funday in Alexandria Park. We have a stall, so come down and say hi! Even demo your favorite technique! We’ll have the crashmats and be teaching mini kung fu lessons.

Sunday 5th April is the first weapons workshop for the year on Butterfly Sword. Package with and without the practice swords will be available.

Amongst all that Sifu will be on his first seminar tour for the year for approximately one week from 24th March.