Hi guys,

We’ve had a great start, a lot of you are still away, some of you are isolating… and some of you don’t know what day it is…Hannah… lol …and others we are seeing several times a day!

Tonight is boxing at 6pm.

Tomorrow is Wing Chun at 12.15, 6pm and 7.30pm with Sparring at 7pm.

Thursday is BJJ at 6pm – don’t miss it as it will be one of our student’s last class before he moves away from the city.

Friday is Wing Chun 12.15 and the 6.30pm class, Vadim is back!

Saturday is 9am Conditioning and 10am Wing Chun (kids classes still a couple of weeks away)

Sunday BJJ is back on this weekend too at 9.30am, Andrew is back!

Sifu is planning a Peak Performance course to start this month/early next. Please contact us with your expression of interest! 

Finally on Thursday 27th Jan we have planned our first kids school holiday program. Please follow this Facebook link for details https://bit.ly/3K0ZFbJ or to book directly https://bit.ly/3nfaWev  

Welcome back/see you soon!