BJJ Tonight!

Firstly, lunch class BJJ is awesome. I had the day off 2 weeks ago so went in for the class. We started with some Tool and rolling, then Andrew detailed chokes for each of us to work on and improve and positions and passes we were having trouble with during rolling to work on and improve. If you can make it in on a weekday lunch then do it, it’s a great learning experience.

Tonight’s BJJ at 5:45 with March is finishing our work on the escape loop (2 escapes – 3 for advanced – to dominant positions to reversal) and attack from kimura lock loop (4 attacks – or 6 for advanced – to dominant position to partner escape to next attck). The guys will video them at the end for everyone who missed it. So don’t miss it! The movie is never as good as the real thing!!

Hope everyone is thinking about grading at the end of the month!! The grading sheets should be at the front desk to put your names down. Do it now! Commit to it, the rest will work itself out.