Winter Warrior 12 Week Challenge

💪👊Winter Warrior Challenge starts this Sunday 27th June!👊💪

Come join us on the 12 week winter challenge!

Simply put, most people get dieting and training for the best version of themselves – especially that summer body – 180 degrees  wrong. They hibernate in winter, pack on some weight, then slowly …very slowly, start reining it in late spring or even at the beginning of summer! So by the time they are starting look and feel good it’s too late and they have missed most, if not all of the beach culture – being able walk tall in  the knowledge that they look and feel fantastic.

The 12 week Winter Warrior challenge gets us in shape in the colder months and we’ll show you how to keep the momentum going all spring and summer.

You will have access to the Peak Performance strategies and tactics to create your healthiest and best version of yourself – and yes, you will be held accountable with daily and weekly check-ins.

All you have to do is follow the program and we guarantee success.


So if you’re tired of going around in circles, join the Challenge!


Brief outline:

This Sunday (27th June) starts at 11am with a weigh-in, fitness test, goal setting and basic eating guidelines.

Sunday 4th July is the beginning of the fortnightly Peak Performance workshop series where we delve deeper into your habits, dietary requirements and even sleep patterns.

Every other Sunday will be a mixture of workouts, fitness tests and problem solving sessions.

You have access to one 1hr Sport Psychology session to help you with whatever is holding you back – cravings, self-doubt, bad habits and anything else you can think of.

Workouts for lean muscle gain and body fat loss, plus workouts to enhance your martial arts training is delivered daily, along with monitoring your body composition and general health and wellbeing.

To encourage you to stay on track this winter, everyone on the Challenge will receive rewards (Kung Fu Dollars – KFD) for every class attended, every kilo of body fat lost and every kilo of lean muscle gained. At the end of the challenge you cash in! Your KFD rewards can go towards fees, equipment and seminars/workshops!

How can you say no?

Active Red Boat Kung Fu get all this at half price!

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