Hi guys!

Hope you are all well. We’ve been seeing most of you on our live streams and a few of you in the neighbourhood. We really do miss everyone!

While we’re looking forward to be opening up soonish…? We are still not certain when exactly that will be. Park training will hopefully start next Saturday depending on the weather. Park training during the week is going to be impractical for the majority of you so we will just keep it to Saturdays pending good weather.

Anyone still paying fees are entitled to access to the live streaming we are providing on Facebook and Zoom. If you don’t have these detials please contact us at info@redboatkungfu.com (and check your junk mail as you were emailed directly with all the required links).

Anyone on www.RedBoatUniversity.com with a Wing Chun Renegade subscription also is entitled to access and all the details you require are found in your course list on your Student Profile Page.

If you are both a fee paying Red Boat Redfern student and a Red Boat University subscriber, please contact me for access to the Peak Performance (fitness and nutrition) course that is usually at additional cost to either membership/subscription but free to you if you are contributing on both levels.

Thank you everyone for your support during this time, we really hope to see you all soon in person, until then it would be great to see more of you on the live streams!

Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to support you!!!