Congratulations, you have found one of the best martial arts schools in Australia, and the most advanced Wing Chun Kung Fu school in the world.

You are unique, and so are we.

You want the best out of life, we want the best out of you.

Our head coach is the most well trodden, experienced and evolutionary Wing Chun exponents in this century, taking Wing Chun from being a museum piece to being absolutely relevant to today’s realities. You could not find a more dedicated team of coaches, inspired to create a nurturing, progressive and intelligent environment where real growth and personal achievement can truly take place.

You may have found us by accident, convenience (walked or driven by), or you may have sought us out specifically. What ever the case we welcome you and look forward to training and growing with you for the years to come.

Our classes are designed for you to get the most out of your training so you can achieve your goals, and to inspire you to move beyond your preconceived expectations of yourself.

We are constantly assessing our coaching methods and content so that you get the best experience and preparation for what life may throw at you.

You will be training in a safe environment with friendly people who are walking a road less travelled and are happy to share that path with you.

Below are a list of the classes we offer, all classes will cater to all levels of experience. For your first trial class we would recommend any of the Wing Chun or Beginner’s Wing Chun classes to you.

Take a moment to explore what’s on offer below: