Hey guys,

There has been some confusion about how to check in to classes since changing over to Clubworx.
This video gives a demo on how to check in.


How to check in:

If you have not pre-booked your class, ensure the correct day is loaded, if not click on the date located on the top left corner and select today’s date. The class list will appear, start typing your name.

You will see “Drop In” next to your name if you have NOT pre-booked. Click on “Drop In”, you are now booked into the class.

If you are not on a monthly ongoing membership, your membership will at some point expire, when this happens you will be given the option to purchase a new membership (if we have your payment details already saved).

If you have pre-booked your class, your name will already be listed on the centre screen, waiting for you to click on the “Check In” button upon your arrival.

You can click between dates and classes, but please ensure you leave the screen on the correct class for the next person.


In addition:

You will all recieve Member Portal login details shortly, which we advise you save to the home screen on your phone for easy access.

From the member portal you can book classes, manage your membership, keep tabs on how many classes you have attended and if your attendance shows you are almost ready to be assessed for a grading (minimum 30 classes between gradings, plus it must show that you have been attending sparring classes).

In the member portal you will also be able to view the grading requirements for your next grading. And if you have a Red Boat University subscription the links will take you directly to the video for each technique.