Battle for Belts! End of Year Grading Saturday 18th.

Greetings everyone,

Well the year draws to a close once again. A year full of frustrations, progress interrupted, resets and restarts. But we’re still here fighting the good fight.

I was having a mat chat a couple of weeks ago about the true meaning of training in the martial arts. We all have our personal reasons to start, but I have found that the journey changes us. The joy of movement, embracing the culture, self mastery, community, friendships, partnerships, love, protection and ultimately to become the best version of ourselves. One that embraces all of these things. God knows I’m flawed, but I’ll keep chipping away, trying to live a better today than yesterday.

So that’s what we do. We strive to improve mentally, spiritually and physically. Sometimes in leaps and bounds. For the most part it’s fractions, but they add up. So don’t become frustrated in this journey. Patience truly is a virtue.

So congratulations for your courage and perseverance. If ever you find yourself off the path, check your map and find your way back and take the lessons with you. There is always value in any experience if you remember to take the lesson.

Let’s finish the year with strong spirits and be there on the 18th to support our brothers and sisters as they engage in battle for their belts.

See you on the mat.