Dear Parents,

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the children’s end of year grading. All of the children curently training are ready for their next (or first) assessment. Some children are being assessed for new belts and some are being assessed for “Tips” which are stepping stones to new belts. The grading takes place at the Kid’s usual start time of 11am. The grading is likely to finish anywhere from 12-12:45pm. The assessment fee is $20.

We are looking forward to the grading and the children are looking great! Please be on time. If the adults are still training when you arrive please feel free to come through to help your child get ready.

See you all on Saturday!


On Sunday Sifu is assessing everyone who attended the Butterfly Sword seminar this year, it was included in your seminar cost but we ran out of time on the day. The assessment will start at 12:30 and finish at approximately 2pm depending on attendance. Please be on time. See you then!!