Red Boat Kung Fu Mackay QLD

Red Boat Kung Fu Mackay is a full time training center with facilities available to its members 7 days a week. The Center has a crossfit room, large fully matted and equipped training floor as well as a boulder climbing room.

Classes run everyday across morning, mid-day and evenings so there is always an opportunity to train. Classes incorporate Wing Chun Kung Fu with fitness, self defence, sparring, ground fighting, conditioning, as well as cross style clinch work and striking.

The center hosts regular visits from Sigung Rick Spain as well as workshops and the ability to offer a full time austudy approved dual diploma in Sport Development and Business specific to martial arts

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3 Palmer Street
North Mackay
QLD 4740

Sifu Richard 0428 129 813

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About Sifu Richard

Richard began his training in Wing Chun Kung Fu in 2005 after he had been boxing and weight training for some time and was looking for something to take his fitness to a new level. He found his new passion and was teaching on the mat by 2009.

In 2010 Richard received his black belt from Sigung Rick Spain and has continued training since. Sifu Richard is no stranger to fitness and will physically train alongside and with each of his students as he is a strong believer in leading by example.

Sifu Richard Gander


Cert 2 and 3 in Sports Coaching
Cert 3 in Fitness
Has actively trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2007
Working with children Blue Card
Certified in Senior First Aid