Red Boat Kung Fu Blackwater QLD

Red Boat Kung Fu in Blackwater is a school within a school. Instructor Nate Creevey has been teaching Taekwon-Do and BJJ for many years and has begun incorporating Red Boat Wing Chun into his system. He started training with our organisation in 2018 via the Red Boat University online learning platform, attending seminars with Sifu Rick Spain at the Red Boat Mackay Kwoon when possible and has since graded to Blue Belt in BJJ with us.

Training is at Park Street Hall in Blackwater, call Nathan on 0437 628 092 for training information.

Instructor Nathan Creevey

About your Instructor:

Year started RBKF: 2018

Martial arts Background: I started training in Taekwon-Do under my father in 1988, currently a third dan.

Who were you when you started RBKF and who am I now: I don’t think I’ve changed too much as a person, what Red Boat Kung Fu has given me is confidence in fighting in the pocket a lot of “hard” stylists fight at a range ie: arms or leg length away getting any closer means fighting on the inside or being comfortable clinch, Sifu covers a lot of this.

What does training mean to you: Its a life pursuit.

What does coaching mean to me: It’s always important to give back to your community teaching martial arts allows me to do this.

Favourite martial artist and why: Guro Dan Inosanto hes in his 80s still training and learning in everything he can.