Kwoon History.

Red Boat Wing Chun Kung Fu Redfern

Just days after celebrating our 30 year Anniversary, we moved the school from where it had been for decades in Surry Hills, to Redfern. Two weeks later on 15th August 2016 we opened our new headquarters in Redfern. It has turned out to be a fantastic location, great communal atmosphere, plenty of parking…and what a difference being street level makes! No more 3 flights of stairs, just walk in walk out, more time for training!

Red Boat Wing Chun Kung Fu Surry Hills History

Since the late 80’s to 2016 the Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisation in Sydney developed and maintained a martial arts and fitness training environment in Surry Hills which is dedicated to both the system and its students. Under the guidance of the head instructor Sigung (Grandmaster) Rick Spain, students are encouraged to reach their potential in fitness and Kung Fu Self Defence.

A few years ago we had a name change from “The Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisation” to “Red Boat Kung Fu” though our core values and principles remain.

In late 2016 we moved to Redfern.

Red Boat Wing Chun Redfern Present

Red Boat Kung Fu Redfern is open full-time and offers classes – in Wing Chun Kung Fu Self Defence, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jutsu), Fitness and Fight Conditioning – at intervals throughout the day and evening in Redfern so that you may schedule your training to suit your lifestyle. The Sydney centre has a large membership which allows students to have the opportunity to train with people from different age groups, experience and abilities. The Martial Arts and Fitness classes in Redfern are structured to be fun and encourage each individual to extend themselves, ask questions and overall feel informed and confident.

Martial Arts and Fitness Redfern Future

Red Boat Kung Fu Redfern will continue to be successful and grow as it embodies the centre’s motto “Excellence without compromise”. The facility is ever expanding both its training equipment and ideals, and continues to provide a environment which supports the student and the future of the Wing Chun Kung Fu system.

We offer training in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu Jutsu (BJJ) and Fight Fitness and Conditioning.