Women – All Ages

Do you want to learn real self defence skills but the idea of walking into a martial arts school, that is probably mostly guys, who you think won’t want to train with you, or may doubt your capabilities (when you’re already doubting them!). Maybe you have studied martial arts in the past and you’ve experienced treatment like that before. Maybe none of the above is true for you, maybe you are just sick of going to the gym, group fitness classes are just so over-hyped and not teaching you anything useful – you want to learn real skills and get fit while you’re at it!

Yes, currently most of our student base are guys (the guys who train here are really nice and down to earth. We all have high expectations of each other, because we are all capable of great things and gender has nothing to do with it), martial arts is currently a male dominated sport. We’d like to change that, and the media coverage of women’s MMA/UFC is certainly helping.

The girls who train here are strong, smart, ambitious and friendly. We want more of you! And if you are looking for real skills and getting fit at the same time…consider this your new home.