Man 41-50 Years

Are you after a change? Maybe you trained when you were younger, had a family, lost track of time, as each day passed, your fitness declined…Have you put martial arts training on the sidelines for too long now and are worried if you don’t do it now…you never will? Or even worse…are you worried your time may have passed to even think about it? Are you concerned you’re going to be surrounded by younger guys who just want to punch on?

Well, we have such a huge variety of people who train with us. Our youngest student is 4 our oldest just turned 65. We want you to push yourself, but you set the pace. If you’re not yet fit enough, you soon will be! The more you train the fitter you get! We are a family on the mat and no matter how young or old you are you are treated with respect. We are here to learn and teach, we leave our egos at the door.