Man 18-30 Years

Are you thinking about trying a martial art but worried you’re going to walk into a place that’s ego driven? Maybe you have studied a martial art before and found it to be useless in a real life situation. Do you want to test or maintain your fitness but you get bored at the gym or don’t really enjoy team sports? Maybe you want to fight competitively and know how important it is to find the right gym.

We offer a realistic training environment, where you learn real skills that have been pressure tested both in the ring and on the street. Our school has been operating since 1986 and there are still students from that era who train here – there is a lot of experience to draw on. We have created a nurturing environment where if you’re keen to learn you will thrive. Good luck getting bored! With currently 28 classes on our timetable – looking to gradually increase throughout 2016 to over 50 – there are so many opportunities to train you’ll be more than happy to throw away your gym membership!